Wednesday, 3 August 2016

painting canvas Vito Katorgi (Vadim Katirgin)

"Donbas", oil on canvas, 60x70, 2016, Vito Katorgi
"There was Lenin" 50x60, 2014, oil on canvas, collage, Vito Katorgi

Monday, 1 February 2016

MAIL ART Exhibition in Kremenchug, Ukraine 2015

in August artprostranstve Inoteatr in Kremenchug was an exhibition of international artists which was organized MAIL ART Vadim Katorgin (Vito Katorgi)

The exhibition in London, on the ship HMS President in 2005

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Biography the MAIl ART artist Vadim Katorgin

Graduated from Surikov art institute (paint faculty) Moscow, Russia. From 1995 have been taking a part in a lot of exhibitions in Russia and other countries
1. was born 1964.
2. 1997 Moscow collective show at the Central House of Painter "Autumn-97"
3. 1997, April The Moscow House of Journalist (personal show, water-color)
4. 1998, March The "Manhatten Express Club", Moscow (personal exhibition)
5. 1999, April The Moscow House of Journalist (personal exhibiton: butter, water-color)
6. 1999 Germany, Kelin (personal exhibition at the "Illusion" gallery)
7. 2001, December. The Central House of Painter, Moscow (collective show "The society of free
8. 2000, April. The Moscow House of Journalist (personal exhibition: oil-genre painting)
9. 2001, December. Moscow "Art. Manej" (collective exhibition)
10. 2003, February. Moscow "The Kosim and Dimian`s Temple" (personal exhibition)
11. 2003, August. Moscow. The Central House of Painter (by Krimskiy Val). exhibition by MART
gallery "Summer - is a small life"
12. 2003, Nothember. Moscow The Central House of Painter (by Krimskiy Val). exhibition by MART
gallery "The women and the cats"

Monday, 9 February 2015

collages by Vito Katorgi

collage "I banderovets" 2015, paper cardboard, 35x45
"White Nights, Crimea" collage, paper, acrylic, 35x45.