Wednesday, August 3, 2016

painting canvas Vito Katorgi

"Bitcoin-2" oil on canvas, 50x70 2018
"Біткоин-2" полотно олія, 50х70 2018

"Spirit TV" oil on canvas, 50x70 2018
"Дух ТВ" полотно олія, 50х70 2018

"Stairs to heaven" Oil on canvas, 50x70 2018
"Сходи в небеса" полотно олія, 50х70 2018

"Jerusalem" Oil on canvas, 50x60 2018
"Иерусалим" полотно олія, 50х60 2018

"Welding on Azov" canvas, oil, 45x50 2018
"Сварка на Азові" полотно, олія, 45х50 2018 

"Second Coming" Oil on canvas, 45х50, 2018
"Друге пришестя" полотно олія, 45х50, 2018

"The Second Coming" oil on canvas, 50x60 2018
"Друге пришестя" полотно олія, 50х60 2018

Spirits of Maidan "canvas, oil, 45х50 2018
"Духи Майдану" полотно, олія, 45х50 2018 

"Spirits of Maidan" Oil on canvas, 50x70, 2018
"Духи Майдану" полотно олія, 50х70, 2018

"Bitcoin" oil on canvas, 50x70 2018
"Біткоин" полотно олія, 50х70 2018

 "The serpent tempts Eve" canvas, oil, 50х60 2018
"Змій спокушає Єву" полотно, олія, 50х60 2018

 "Admiral Yamamoto" canvas, oil, 50x60 2018.
"Адмирал Ямамото" полотно олія, 50х60 2018

"Cyclist" canvas Oil, 60х70 2018,
 "Велосипедист" полотно олія, 60х70 2018

"Господар" полотно олія, 60х50 2018 Вадим Каторгин
 "The Boss" canvas oil, 60х50 2018 Vito Katorgi

"Два добрих духа" полотно, олія, 60х80 2018, Вито Каторги
"Two good spirits" canvas, oil, 60x80 2018, Vito Katorgi

"Принцеса" полотно, олія, 60х50 2018 Вито Каторги
"Princess" canvas, oliia, 60x50 2018 Vito Katorga

Good Snake" oil on canvas, 50х40, 2018 Вадим Каторгин
  "Добрый змей" холст масло, 50х40, 2018 Vito 
"Багатоголовий" полотно олія, 70х60 2018 Вадим Каторгин
 "Many-headed" canvas oil, 70х60 2018 Vito Katorgi 

"Mask" oil on canvas, 70x50, 2017
"Маски" полотно олія, 70х50, 2017, 

"Dogs" canvas oil, 70х50, 2017
"Собаки" полотно олія, 70х50, 2017 
Looking "canvas Oli, 50x70, 2017
"Смотрящі" полотно олія, 50х70, 2017

"Male and female beginning" oil on canvas, 50х60 2017
  "Чоловіче і жіноче начало" полотно олія, 50х60 2017   

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Biography the MAIl ART artist Vadim Katorgin

Graduated from Surikov art institute (paint faculty) Moscow, Russia. From 1995 have been taking a part in a lot of exhibitions in Russia and other countries
1. was born 1964.
2. 1997 Moscow collective show at the Central House of Painter "Autumn-97"
3. 1997, April The Moscow House of Journalist (personal show, water-color)
4. 1998, March The "Manhatten Express Club", Moscow (personal exhibition)
5. 1999, April The Moscow House of Journalist (personal exhibiton: butter, water-color)
6. 1999 Germany, Kelin (personal exhibition at the "Illusion" gallery)
7. 2001, December. The Central House of Painter, Moscow (collective show "The society of free
8. 2000, April. The Moscow House of Journalist (personal exhibition: oil-genre painting)
9. 2001, December. Moscow "Art. Manej" (collective exhibition)
10. 2003, February. Moscow "The Kosim and Dimian`s Temple" (personal exhibition)
11. 2003, August. Moscow. The Central House of Painter (by Krimskiy Val). exhibition by MART
gallery "Summer - is a small life"
12. 2003, Nothember. Moscow The Central House of Painter (by Krimskiy Val). exhibition by MART

2004, April 9-12. London exhibition on the nave HMS PRESIDENT. Address; Victoria Embankment London. EASTER EXHIBITION "ART KALEIDOSCOPE "
* Exhibition in Milan Italy in 2005, organizer Ruggero Magi - booklet available

* Brussels, Belgium: an exhibition of Mail ART 2009, organizer of the Christian Alle - booklet available
* Brazil 2008 MAIL ART Exhibition April - a booklet
* Lienden Germany MAIL ART Exhibition 2010 February. - booklet available

And many private exhibitions MAIL ART unconfirmed booklets.

His works are own by private collectors in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, Spain, United Kindon and the USA।

The exhibition was held on the ship HMS President of the royal armed forces on the River Thames in central London in April

Monday, February 9, 2015


"Помаранчевий янгол" розмір А4, папір, пастель, Вадим Каторгин
"Оранжевый ангел" размер А4, бумага, пастель, Вито Каторги
"Orange Angel" size A4, paper, pastel, Vadim Katorgin